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The Law Firm of Curl, Hark & Holliday was founded over four decades ago by Robert (Bob) M. Clayton II.

In 1984, Clayton was joined by Mary Rhodes Russell, and for 10 years, Clayton & Rhodes Law Office served Northeast Missouri with the exceptional skill and legal expertise.

In 1992 Jeffrey R. Curl joined the firm and became a partner in 1995.

In 1994, Robert M. Clayton III joined the firm while also serving in the Missouri House of Representatives from 1994-2002.

Mr. Clayton served on the Missouri Public Service Commission from 2003-2011, and then was appointed to the Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District in 2011. He currently serves as the Chief Judge of the Court.

In 1995, Mary Rhodes Russell was appointed to the Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District where she served until 2004, when she was then appointed to the Missouri Supreme Court. She is currently serving as Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court. He currently serves as the Chief Judge of the Eastern District Court of Appeals.

In 1997, the founding member of the firm, Robert (Bob) Clayton II, was appointed Presiding Circuit Judge of the 10th Judicial Circuit, a position that he held until his retirement in 2010.

The firm was pleased to add John M. Hark to the firm in 1999, and thereafter becoming The Law Firm of Curl & Hark for the next 15 years.

Michael D. Holliday joined the firm in 2004, and eventually the firm was named Curl, Hark & Holliday, LLC.

In 2012, the firm also added James C. Weyand as an Associate Attorney.

Together, the firm provides diverse and expert legal services throughout northeast Missouri.

Our firm's four attorneys - Jeffrey R. Curl, John M. Hark, Michael D. Holliday, and James C. Weyand - are highly dedicated individuals who welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how our services could be beneficial to your legal needs. We strive to provide each of our clients with quality, comprehensive services at a competitive rate.

We know that choosing the right attorney to meet your requests is important, and we are confident that you can rely on our
experience, integrity, loyalty, and dedication to handle your individual legal needs.

The Curl, Hark and Holliday Law Firm specializes in the following types of legal claims:

• Wrongful Death • Auto and Truck Accidents • Business Law
• Bankruptcy • Creditors' Rights • Criminal Law
• Real Estate • Estate Planning and Probate • Workers' Compensation
• Personal Injury Law • Family Law • Landlord and Tenant Law
• Debt Collections • Social Security Disability • General Civil Litigation



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